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"I enjoy my life to the best of my ability."


"I have complete control over how I live my life."


“Concepts has really changed my life.”


Independence is both a right & a responsibility.


Concepts of Independence, Inc. pioneered the original Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services program (CDPAS) in 1980, enabling severely disabled and chronically ill individuals to hire, train and supervise the Personal Assistant home care worker of their choice. CDPAS was a revolution: it allowed these severely disabled individuals to live independently, with freedom and dignity.  Further, CDPAS is administered at a lower cost than a traditional home care program, saving New York State Medicaid millions of dollars per year.

Concepts of Independence, Inc. was created by the very people who wanted and needed it, over 37 years ago. Our founders were and still are Concepts Consumers – people who fought hard to live independently and achieved this goal through creating Consumer Directed Services. It is a good reminder........
Meghan Taylor
I have been a Concepts Consumer for 22 years, so I have been through my share of finding and hiring Personal Assistants (PAs). Finding the right PA is a very personal process, unique to each individual Consumer. And if you are just starting out as a Concepts Consumer, it can be a bit intimidating. ........
Carmelo Gonzalez
About eight years ago I realized that something very subtle was missing in my life. Gradually, over the previous years, my disability had progressed to the point where reading hard copies of books was almost impossible. Whether it was for personal enjoyment or professionally related to my work as a ........
TK Small
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