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"I enjoy my life to the best of my ability."


"I have complete control over how I live my life."


“Concepts has really changed my life.”


Independence is both a right & a responsibility.


Concepts of Independence, Inc. pioneered the original Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services program (CDPAS) in 1980, enabling severely disabled and chronically ill individuals to hire, train and supervise the Personal Assistant home care worker of their choice. CDPAS was a revolution: it allowed these severely disabled individuals to live independently, with freedom and dignity.  Further, CDPAS is administered at a lower cost than a traditional home care program, saving New York State Medicaid millions of dollars per year.

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Concepts is pleased to have guest blogger Alyssa Cottone this week. She writes this piece from SAGE Long Island. For many LGBT identified people with disabilities or who are older, it is a challenge to find LGBT affirming aides and caregivers. Many LGBT adults do not access home care because they ........
Alyssa Cottone
Many lives will drastically change unless New York State properly funds the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) program, which allows people with disabilities to maintain their independence in the community. Without proper funding, the Personal Assistants (PAs) who attend to CDPA Consumers ........
Meghan Taylor
When placed with the responsibility of hiring and supervising Personal Assistants, your inner manager has to come though and shine. I'm far from perfect and have had major missteps along the way. However, one piece of sound advice I can pass on with confidence is this: be honest with yourself and th........
Trichele Reese
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