BLOG : Consumer Spotlight: Tabitha Estrellado – A lyrical voice on an independent journey

I remember the time when I moved to the Bronx in Spring 2007 from Putnam County in upstate New York.  One of the many things I had to take care of was ensuring that I would have home health care to begin my life as an independent career woman living in her own place for the very first time.  You can imagine the frustration transferring my medical entities, including Medicaid itself. 

But I was most fortunate that the transition of my home attendants was easy and exciting!  I had heard about Concepts for years as being the pioneer in consumer directed services.  And I was excited because I also heard that they have excellent benefits for the attendants.  That means a lot to me because when my personal assistants are happy, I'm happy.

I am a full-time IT professional at a major financial company, a singer-songwriter performing and writing songs, an avid volunteer for disability related organizations, and a socialite!  I am also in a power wheelchair, I have muscular dystrophy, and I have seen myself get physically weaker over the years.  So, in total, you can gather that I need my PAs to keep up with me!  I am so grateful that they do.  I work hard to be as independent as I can and never succumb to the thought that I cannot do something just because of my disability.  Concepts helps me enforce this positive attitude.  My PAs make my life look seamless, even when it is known that it's much harder for people with disabilities to get up in the morning.  I always want to look good!

It's almost 10 years later and I still feel extremely fortunate to be a consumer of Concepts and have my wonderful PAs.   When I moved from the Bronx to Manhattan in Spring 2010, all of my PAs stayed working for me even though their commute time increased significantly.  It was because they were staying with Concepts and staying with me.  They have been with me through fun adventures ever since, including going to concerts in the park, participating in hackathons at the office, meeting with my friends, going on dates, and hosting parties in my apartment.  My favorite thing is how they support my original songs by always encouraging me to not give up doing music.  That is why I write songs that I hope inspire other people to overcome all of their obstacles and be thankful for all of the love they have.

"I might be weak on the outside,
but wait 'til you know me better.
I'm the toughest to fight
and I have a strong mind."
- From the song Move a Muscle

"The moon shines brighter
the longer that I stare
the sun is not absent
just 'cause clouds are in the air"
- From the song Morning Light

Written by Tabitha Estrellado
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