BLOG : Looking for a New Personal Assistant? Here’s Help!

Concepts of Independence has a resource for Consumers to use when you’re looking for a new Personal Assistant. Over the last year Concepts of Independence has improved its website to make it more user-friendly. Included in this upgrade is a feature for Consumers to create online accounts, which allows them to access and utilize our unique online PA database. The online database is a pool of Personal Assistants that have registered with Concepts of Independence and are currently looking for either additional hours or a new Consumer. These services are provided as a courtesy to our Consumers and Surrogates/Designated Representatives.

If you are a Consumer or Surrogate, you can get started setting up your online account by going to Click on “sign in” at the top right hand corner. On this page you will find the words “Consumer Sign-up” near the bottom left. Click on that and you will be able to create an account to gain access to not only the online database but to other important information.

There are also other resources available for seeking out new Personal Assistants, such as Through this website you can search their pool of individuals who are currently looking for new Consumers, however they might not be registered with Concepts of Independence. You can also place an ad with that website and individuals will contact you if they are interested in your position.

To find out more information about the Concepts of Independence website and the online database, go to or contact the Recruitment Assistance staff at 212-293-9999 extension 1235.


Written by Jose Hernandez

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