BLOG : Introducing Concepts of Independence Newest Recruitment Assistance Specialist and Peer Mentor

My name is Luz Cantres and I am Concepts of Independence’s newest Recruitment Assistance Specialist and Peer Mentor. I’ve been working for a month now with Concepts and it’s been quite a change from my previous position, where I specialized in assisting people with disabilities to locate housing and services after coming out of living in a nursing home. It was a very rewarding position, and I am happy to say that working as a Recruitment Assistance Specialist has been just as rewarding, even after just one month. Both of these positions focus on assisting individuals with disabilities to regain their independence and feel a part of their communities. This focus has been a passion of mine for my entire adult life.

During my time at Concepts of Independence I’ve met an array of individuals with disabilities who have various medical and personal needs, all seeking assistance and advice as independent Concepts Consumers in the community.  My job here is to provide them with peer mentoring assistance and to give guidance on using the recruitment tools if they are looking to find and hire Personal Assistants. My work here assures them that they are not alone in what they are seeking, and that I am here not only to assist them with resources they can utilize but also be a listening ear to those who need it.  

I am truly enjoying my time at Concepts of Independence and look forward to many more dedicated years at the agency. If you have any recruitment assistance or peer mentor questions, or suggestions for peer mentor resources, you can reach me at 212-293-9999 x1019, or

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