BLOG : NYC Personal Assistant Awards a Wonderful Success

The Concepts 2017 NYC Personal Assistant Awards Luncheon took place in Brooklyn last month, and was a resounding success. Each year, Concepts honors a group of Personal Assistants who were nominated by their Consumer as PA of the Year. A special committee of Consumers, Board and staff get together and review each essay nomination, and choose the 15 awardees. This is a very special group of individuals who work with compassion, strength and resilience to help their Consumer live a more independent life of freedom. This is a job of critical importance to the lives of so many people. It is with great excitement that we honored the following Personal Assistants for their extraordinary work this year:

Rakshanda Ahshan

David Alicea

Carmel Calvan

Destiny Colon

James Ercolani

Ilda Estevez

Everest Gausney

Fazil Hasim

Lali Partsvania

Miguel Perez

Blanca Rivera

Felicia Smith

Ingrid Whiting

Karen Wynn

Gregoria Yarleque


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