BLOG : Firing a Personal Assistant

2017-09-11 07:48:37

In a perfect world, you would hire a PCA and the relationship lasts forever.  You could work out any differences and everything is fine.  Well, the world is far from perfect.  You will need to occasionally fire a PCA.  My recommendation is to do it via telephone or email.

The myth of two-weeks’ notice: Under no circumstances should you give a PCA two-weeks’ notice of termination.  That is because your care and service will go from bad to worse.  What does the PCA stand to lose?  You are not required to give any notice.  Be sure to talk to your other PCAs about filling in until you find a replacement.

Your PCAs final check or direct deposit receipt should be handled by the FI.  You do not need any final confrontation.  Talk to your Timekeeper and let him/her handle it.

Marriages fail, and so do working relationships.  Whatever the reason, put a period at the end, and move on.  It was a learning experience.

Written by Anthony Trocchia

Note: While Concepts of Independence does not provide guidelines or advice on hiring, training, supervising and/or terminating Personal Assistants, we are pleased that many of our Consumers are happy to offer such advice from their own experiences. They are peer mentors, and their advice is their own to offer, and does not reflect the policies or guidelines of Concepts of Independence. 


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