BLOG : The Language of Playing Guitar

When Concepts recently put a call out to our Consumers to let us know about any musical talents and endeavors of theirs that they’d like to share, we were delighted to hear from the mom of Francis Iaconetti. Read her words about her son’s road to finding music, and the beautiful relationship he now has with it:

Francis is an autistic young man of twenty. He was diagnosed at 22 months old and has received help since then, first with Early Intervention and then through the school district and Medicaid. He began painting and drawing as all kids do as a toddler, but what set him apart was his ability render figures as if they were breathing, alive and could walk off the page. His cartoons were whimsical and humorous, often inspired by “Blue’s Clues.” But when he discovered music, he was entranced. His road to recovery was greatly enhanced by music therapy at the Music Conservatory in White Plains. He fell in love with the guitar and after taking lessons independently with a sensitive musician, Jason Jacobs, in Valhalla, he began to perform! When Francis walks on to a podium with his guitar and his friends who provide backup, he is a different person: the soul he was meant to be. He sings, he plays, and he engages his audience to sing along with him and have as much fun as he does with the music. Francis finds himself in the music and his connection to others through everyone’s shared love of the songs.

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