BLOG : A Mixtape of Independence

2018-01-29 21:32:39

In culmination of our musical blog series, here is a mix tape of tunes by people with disabilities who create and perform right here in NY. From hip hop to rock to jazz, this mix tape revels in the talent and sound which exists in this disability community. We celebrate the independence, freedom and dignity of people with disabilities living their lives and expressing themselves as everyone has the right to do. Please enjoy this mixtape. Check out the song list and information about all the artists here. And below is our song list with links to each of the artists' websites.

1. All For a Reason by Flame

2. In My Shoes by 4 Wheel City

3. Keep Rolling On by Tabi Haly

4. Yardbird Suite by Sam Baum

5. The Hard Way by Tom Ryan

6. This is Me by Flame

7. Take the A Train by Sam Baum

8. The Movement by 4 Wheel City

9. New Day by Tabi Haly

10. Hurricane Sandy by Tom Ryan

11. Vukovar by Nenad Bach

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